About Us

JUKE BOX HITS is a Central Pennsylvania-based entertainment services company committed to providing outstanding, unique, and professional entertainment services at the best value available.

With the best music from the last century and over 25 years entertainment experience, JUKE BOX HITS WILL stand far ahead of the competition in versatility, reliability, flexibility, service quality, value, and attention to detail.

JUKE BOX HITS Pro-Performance Entertainment is the #1 form of musical entertainment for wedding receptions, dances, banquets and private parties. The professional disc jockey will bring security, elegance, excitement, long-lasting memories and fun to your special event.

Our History

JUKE BOX HITS Pro-Performance Entertainment Services came into existence as a hobby and "side-job" for Kraig Nace and his then-Boy Scout leader in 1991 as "Jukeboxhits DJ". Based out of their homes in Duncannon, PA, JUKE BOX HITS started performing for reunions, parties, and private events as well as local elementary and middle school dances in a fun, casual forum while providing years of musical experience and expertise. When JUKE BOX HITS began performing shows, the compact disc format was still new in the U.S. and all of the media used was on vinyl, standard magnetic cassette, and video cassette. JUKE BOX HITS didn't purchase a CD player until 1995 and starting replacing classics on CD and purchasing new music on CD and CD singles. The professional sound system was basic and volume, more than audio fidelity, was the goal at that time. JUKE BOX HITS performed no weddings outside of the family until Kraig took over the business exclusively in 1996 upon receiving his drivers' license and his father purchasing him a $400 1974 pickup truck. For the first several years alone, Kraig learned the wedding business and worked with friends and immediate referrals for wedding receptions, trying to break into the larger and more formal events. Kraig worked as the stage manager in his middle and high schools until his graduation in 1998 and continued performing events, as requested, around his school schedule. Upon graduation, Kraig was hired for the promotions team of Dame Media (Harrisburg, PA radio group) and within his first year, was hired on full-time as the Promotions and Marketing Director for the oldies/classics AM & FM stations in the group. This was great experience and a chance to make connections and learn even more about radio, music, and entertaining. Clear Channel Communications purchased the Dame Media properties around 2000 and when the oldies station went off the air in 2002, Kraig returned to a part-time status on the promotions team and road crew but was then approached with an offer to co-host the evening show on the new top-40/CHR station. Kraig immediately and graciously accepted this opportunity and also picked up some part-time fill-in shifts on the group's new country station. These experiences were exactly what Kraig needed to take his mobile entertainment service to the next level. New music vendors, karaoke, more equipment, more services, and professional experience were added to the JUKE BOX HITS service and JUKE BOX HITS also became part of a corporation in 2001 to strengthen the business and to expand the professionalism of the service.

Continuing to grow, JUKE BOX HITS picked up more and more events and opened a corporate business office in 2001, moving equipment and files out of Kraig's home in Duncannon. Our first website (jukeboxhitsdj.com), as at trade for entertainment services, went online in 2003 and JUKE BOX HITS also took on some professional advertising. Pursuing more events and starting to specialize in formals and weddings, JUKE BOX HITS seldom did formal advertising and more than 80% of the JUKE BOX HITS bookings came from referrals and word of mouth. new equipment was constantly being purchased and new services were constantly being added; every cent made by JUKE BOX HITS went right back into the service for the latest and greatest professional equipment, music, and operations costs (utilities, website, vehicles, etc.). In 2005, JUKE BOX HITS hired a part-time office manager, Peggy, to assist in managing contracts and bookings and to provide personalized service to our customers. Hours increased and the responsibilities blossomed through the years and in 2007, Peggy moved on to new employment and Nicole joined the team as the Marketing Director and Office Manager, serving as the exclusive contact and responsible party for bookings, scheduling, office management, and clerical responsibilities. Please feel free to contact any members of the team (contact information is located on the website) for information, with questions, or if you think you have what it takes to represent JUKE BOX HITS Entertainment Services. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and we look forward to providing you with the ultimate quality service for your entertainment needs!


Kraig Nace felt a love for music and for people at a very young age. Growing up in south-central Pennsylvania, Kraig was given the opportunity to be a percussion performer with his school bands at Susquenita School District, beginning in 4th grade. At age 11, as an active Boy Scout, Kraig was given the opportunity to work with his then – Scoutmaster in his local D.J. service, entertaining for school events, private parties, and car shows in the local area. By the time he reached middle school-age, Kraig was also working as a "roadie" and sound/lighting tech for two local rock/variety bands. At age 16 (1996), Kraig's passion for mobile entertainment transitioned into the growth and founding of "Juke Box Hits DJ Service" while still working with his Scoutmaster's service but also in obtaining his own 1974 pickup truck, a sizable cassette library (not too many CDs yet and certainly no MP3s!), and used sound equipment. Kraig continued working on his own and with his scoutmaster until the end of his high school days. After high school, with his mother's assistance, Kriag was able to purchase newer transportation, professional sound equipment, and started to book events (including a classmate's wedding reception) on his own. Kraig went to work for Dame Media's Harrisburg, PA Radio Group in August, 1998 and worked in various capacities through the takeover by Clear Channel Communications, including the Road Crew for the six radio stations, as a studio producer, as Promotions & Marketing Director for KOOL 99.3, and ultimately as "Krazy Kraig" on WRBT/BOB 94.9 and WHKF/99.3 KISS FM until 2005. Since 2005, Kraig has concentrated on improving the services performance and expanding his business to keep up with technology and performance quality.  Kraig strives to provide the absolute best in mobile entertainment to the thousands of guests for which has had been honored to work with special attention to detail and quality that is unmatched by other mobile entertainers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does JUKE BOX HITS welcome your guests' requests and song suggestions?

A: OF COURSE!! We love to hear your guests' music tastes and favorite dance songs as well as their special musical memories. Nonetheless, we incorporate our years of professional experience and best judgement in everything we play. If there are specific songs you do not desire to hear at your reception, we will not play them. Based on your direction, we offer clean edits suitable for all ages or the unabridged "album versions" of your favorite songs.

Q: Can JUKE BOX HITS perform beyond the scheduled end time?

A: YES, with very few exceptions, JUKE BOX HITS dedicates your DJ/MC to your event for that day. Unless you are made aware in advance, JUKE BOX HITS is at your disposal to provide overtime entertainment services. Overtime charges, per the service agreement contract, are due to be paid immediately upon the conclusion of your entertainment services.

Q: Does JUKE BOX HITS charge for load-in/setup and teardown/load-out time?

A: NO, JUKE BOX HITS does not charge for these portions of your special event. JUKE BOX HITS services begin when you indicate that you want your DJ/MC set up and ready to play music and services end at the conclusion of the last musical number or announcement. Be careful when selecting entertainment charges you for setup/teardown time, as you don't control the pace of their work and this could prove to be costly. JUKE BOX HITS does charge a nominal fee for travel time (for fuel and time) beyond one hour of our home office (essentially anything beyond Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, Adams, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Snyder, Juniata, Northumberland, Schuylkill and Franklin Counties).

Q: Does JUKE BOX HITS use digital music?

A: OF COURSE, JUKE BOX HITS productions feature a combination of Compact Disc and digital, computer-controlled media in the highest fidelity. Our systems are capable of playing anything from 78 RPM vinyl to the newest and cleanest digital music files. Our music library is clean and clear and only from legal and professional sources. We have subscriptions to numerous music, radio release, and remix services to insure we have the newest music and the versions you want. Our hardware (hard drives, computers, CD players, microphones, cables, mixers, speakers, etc) is redundant and backed up to insure a trouble-free performance and your peace of mind in hiring JUKE BOX HITS. JUKE BOX HITS even has a spare/backup vehicle at our disposal in the event of mechanical failure or trouble. We believe we have covered the bases to insure dependability, versatility, and reliability.

Q: Can JUKE BOX HITS accommodate slide show and video presentations?

A: MOST DEFINITELY! We have professional LCD projectors, portable screens, DVD players, and computers to be used for your special presentation at a nominal rental fee. DVD video, VHS/8mm/VHS-C/DV, and most digital formats are readily accommodated for projection of your special presentation and memories. JUKE BOX HITS will work with you in advance of your big day to make sure everything runs as you plan and desire!

Q: Can JUKE BOX HITS provide sound reinforcement, music, and microphones for my wedding ceremony or an additional space?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We are happy to provide the equipment and service you need for your wedding ceremony. We can even accommodate sites with limited or no electricity, so long as we can make access with a vehicle within 100 feet of your wedding site. JUKE BOX HITS uses professional sound equipment, including lapel, headset, and handheld wireless gear and has the capability of professionally amplifying any musical instrument for live performance at your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner hour, or reception. These systems are also capable of providing the reception sound in another room, inside, or outside, depending upon the layout of your wedding festivities.

Q: Does JUKE BOX HITS use professional sound reinforcement equipment?

A: Yes! JUKE BOX HITS is comprised of professional musicians with a wide array of background and experience. We have worked in live sound environments and with live bands through the years. We ONLY use professional, road-grade equipment that can stand up to environmental extremes and the abuse that come from travel and use. Professional sound reinforcement gear is key to providing you with quality, intelligible audio that is not harsh and can be balanced to fill any space, indoors or out. Wireless microphone equipment and professional sound gear are expensive but we believe that only the top-of-the-line name brands and professional equipment are suitable for an event as important as yours.

Q: Does JUKE BOX HITS carry liability and equipment insurance?

A: Yes! JUKE BOX HITS carries 2 million dollars in liability coverage and insurance on all of our professional equipment, vehicles, and music libraries. We are professionals and take great pride in the quality of our equipment and the quality of our performances. Should you require proof of insurance or should your venue require a certificate, simply let us know and we will be sure to have our insurance company provide the requested information.

Q: What is the JUKE BOX HITS business structure?

JUKE BOX HITS is operated by Kraig Nace and is a division of Pennsylvania S-Corporation Detailed Attention, Inc. which provides numerous incentives, including supreme professionalism, a legal and ethical business and financial structure, and strength in knowing we are not a fly-by-night service or hobby DJ service. JUKE BOX HITS is a stand-alone company and works with numerous vendors and banks to provide strength, stability, and a professional business service.